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Wingu Africa Becomes First Tier III Data Center In Ethiopia

Wingu Africa Group Limited, a leading data centre provider in Ethiopia, has achieved Tier III certification

Wingu Africa Group Limited has completed a data centre facility project in Ethiopia, investing $50 million. This project earned the prestigious Tier III certification from Uptime Institute, making it the first in Ethiopia.

Uptime Institute is a Global Digital Infrastructure Authority headquartered in New York, United States, with main offices in London, São Paulo, Dubai, Riyadh, Singapore, and Taipei.

Located in the ICT Park, the facility will provide secure and reliable information services to government and private sectors.

During a recent media briefing, Yishrun Alemayehu, Ethiopia's Minister of State for Innovation and Technology, emphasised that the certification will enhance the country's global competitiveness and accelerate its digital transition.

Wingu Africa Group Limited

Anthony Voscarides, CEO of Wingu Africa Group, also remarked on the significance of this achievement, noting that it represents a crucial step forward in Ethiopia's ongoing digital evolution.

This development is expected to strengthen Ethiopia's capacity to advance its technological capabilities and compete internationally.