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MasterCard and Verizon launch a new business credit card

MasterCard and Verizon are working together to improve the life of every business owner in the financial industry

MasterCard and Verizon have confirmed that their alliance has launched a new credit card targeted at small businesses. Cardholders will receive rewards for purchasing goods associated with their business and will not be charged annual fees. Issued by the First National Bank of Omaha (FNBO) the card will be available to existing Verizon business wireless customers.

Source: My FICO

Through these latest cards, business owners can operate conveniently as the business credit card will eliminate every need to carry a stack of cash around or even checkbooks. Beyond convenience, MasterCard and Verizon are hoping to give small business owners the ability to easily create structures for good accounting and budgeting. Having a separate business card can help avoid combining personal assets with those that belong to the business. Furthermore, the cards will come with exciting features like supporting contactless payments and World Elite MasterCard for business, which would allow users to reach new audiences.

In an ever-evolving business industry, Verizon and MasterCard aim to continue meeting the needs of their customers. The Verizon business MasterCard will strive to become the choice for every small business owner looking for smarter, easier and unique digital financial products that can accelerate their operations.

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