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UNSCALED 001: The Nigerian startup that tried to sell everything meat

Meet the startup that sought to revolutionize the meat market in Nigeria

On the eve of the Covid pandemic in 2019, a tech enthusiast started his plans to build Meatbond. This online-based meat company would help Nigerians looking to buy meat and fresh fish online from an online meat market & online meat shop. For a start, Meatbond was to be available only to users in Jos, Plateau State of Nigeria, for efficiency and prompt delivery pending possible growth and expansion.

Source: Meatbond

The Startup Target:

In Jos, Meatbond would offer people the opportunity to purchase quality meat of cows, rams, goats, chicken and kinds of seafood by connecting consumers to a vast network of butchers, cold rooms and other retailers via its website. In the advent of the pandemic, Meatbond became more than just another regular business but a necessity as it would ensure that people could still buy the proteins they needed while still observing government restrictions on movement and avoidance of public gatherings or crowded places like the traditional market settings.

Source: Meatbond

How crucial is the meat industry in Nigeria and startups like Meatbond?

In developing economies like Nigeria, with little or no infrastructural facilities and low electricity, it has been extremely difficult to keep these highly perishable products in a wholesome and healthy state over a long time. It has become necessary to create platforms where Nigerians can regularly and easily purchase the right quantity of proteins they need per time without travelling miles to abattoirs or slaughterhouses. Meatbond sought to meet this demand by sourcing the best clean and healthy meat of livestock (not only beef) in the market and supplying meat to consumers at affordable prices.

Source: Statista

What is the fate of Meatbond:

The meat market in Nigeria is a significant sector in its rights as revenue in the Meat market amounts to US$35.83bn in 2023, and the market is expected to grow annually by 13.49% with so many opportunities for startups like Meatbond. Unfortunately, due to financial constraints and the inability to secure investments, the idea and dream of a digital marketplace called Meatbond would not be able to launch. However, the founders remain hopeful for a possible revitalisation. Still, as the harsh economic realities in Nigeria continue to manifest, many startup ideas like Meatbond will find it challenging to roll out.

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