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Tigo Tanzania launch new Fiber-to-the-home and office

Tigo Fibre marks the first time in Tanzania that fibre-to-the-home and fibre-to-the-business services will be made available

Tigo Tanzania Plc has introduced a new service called Tigo Fibre. This service provides high-speed internet access to homes and offices through fibre-optic cables. This means that people in Tanzania can now enjoy fast and reliable internet connectivity, essential in today's digital world.

Tigo Fibre offers various affordable plans that cater to different internet speed needs. The service is launching first in Mbweni and its surrounding areas near Dar es Salaam and plans to expand to other parts of Tanzania soon.

This move by Tigo is part of a more significant trend across Africa, where cities are investing more in fiber infrastructure to meet increasing technological demands. Tigo Fibre offers several benefits to its users, including high speed, which is ideal for high-demand applications like streaming and online gaming, enhanced reliability with less susceptibility to outages, and scalable infrastructure ready for future technology needs.

Improved internet access through Tigo Fibre has broader implications, including catalysing innovation in tech startups, enhancing educational opportunities through remote learning, and improving public services through streamlined e-governance.

As the telecom sector in Tanzania heats up with recent developments like Vodacom's acquisition of Smile Communications Tanzania Limited, Tigo's introduction of fiber services positions it as a leader in advancing Tanzania's digital economy.