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The Guardian Fintech1000+ Webinar 2020

Ola Olaoluwa
Ola Olaoluwa

The Guardian Nigeria invites all stakeholders in the financial services market in Nigeria to join her on Oct. 7 as she organizes an unmissable webinar where experts will examine an essential control function in the financial services sector that often gets delayed – RECONCILIATION.⁣⁣

Reconciliation involves functions ranging from onboarding, compliance, data and regulatory reporting, and it is an essential control function in financial services,
aimed at eliminating the operational risk that can lead to fraud, fines or in severe cases, the failure of an entire organisation.

Date & Time: Oct 7, 2020 01:00 PM in West Central Africa.

Do well to make it a date. Click here to register for the meeting.


Ola Olaoluwa

Writer | Economist | Actor | Fashion Entrepreneur