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The Nigeria Startup Act Gains Momentum

The impact of the Nigeria Startup Act is evident as the NITDA announces over 12,000 registered startups on its portal

The National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) has declared that over 12,948 startups have registered on the official Nigeria Startup Portal, indicating the Nigeria Startup Act's potential to reshape Nigeria's innovation landscape.

The act aims to create a clear legal and regulatory framework for startups, addressing the previous barriers to entrepreneurship. Registered startups will have access to investment funds, tax incentives, and enhanced visibility.

The Startup Support and Engagement Portal also serves as a vital consultative forum, facilitating ongoing dialogue between startups and policymakers to refine the act and develop tailored government support programs.

Therefore, the NITDA encourages prospective participants to "join 12,948 startups, 912 VCs (Venture Capitals), 1,735 Angel Investors, and 925 Accelerators, Incubators & Hubs already registered" within the ecosystem.

Nigerian Startups are encouraged to register at and "become eligible for statutory incentives, resources and opportunities."