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Google to permit cryptocurrency ads from January 2024

Google is updating its Cryptocurrencies and related products policy to permit crypto-related adverts on its platform

From January 29, 2024, Google has announced that advertisers offering Cryptocurrency Coin Trust can advertise their products on the platform.

This is coming 5 years after the search giant banned all crypto-related product ads from its platform. In a newly released policy update, Google said the changes are based on new criteria through its certification process and are aimed at giving crypto users adequate information to make informed decisions.

According to the company, once the policy takes effect, Cryptocurrency Coin Trusts can create and serve ads on Google. However, direct promotions that imply or offer purchases, holding, or swapping are prohibited.

Cryptocurrency Coin Trusts are financial products that enable investors to trade shares in trusts holding substantial amounts of digital currency. These trusts provide investors with equity in cryptocurrencies without having direct ownership. They are also an option for creating a more diversified portfolio.

Businesses that accept virtual currencies for payments or sell mining hardware may also advertise on Google, provided they follow current Google Ads regulations. Notably, educational content on crypto is also allowed on the platform.

Google’s announcement also reminded advertisers of their obligation to comply with local laws in the areas where the ads are targeted.

Google’s approach for new policy violations will be to first give a warning before imposing an account suspension.