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Google to Enable Search Via Gestures on Android Phones

Google launches new search tools using AI and gestures to make looking up information more seamless on Android devices

To improve how people search for information, Google has announced two updates today that utilise new AI capabilities to make searching more natural and intuitive. The first new feature, Circle to Search, allows Android users to search for anything on their screen by simply circling or highlighting it.

Trail of the Circle to Search Feature|Source: Google

For instance, if users come across a photo or video and want to identify specific items, they can circle those items to quickly find similar options from retailers across the web, according to a blog post on Google.

Search Results|Source: Google

The second update enhances Google’s multisearch feature, first introduced in 2022. When users take a photo or screenshot and ask a question, they will get an “AI-powered overview” summarising the most relevant information found across the web. For example, if users see an image and want to know more about something, they can circle the object and use text to ask questions. The feature will then provide them with information pulled from across the web.

According to the post, Circle to Search can also be used while browsing social media platforms or watching videos. For example, if users come across a video that uses an unfamiliar term, they can scribble over the text to learn what it means.

The Circle to Search feature will be available starting Jan. 31 on select premium Android smartphones, including the Pixel 8, Pixel 8 Pro and the new Samsung Galaxy S24 series. It will be accessible in all languages and locations where these devices are available.