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Google One hits over 100 million subscriptions

Google One has surpassed the milestone of 100 million subscribers

Google CEO Sundar Pichai announced Friday that his company has marked over 100 million subscriptions to Google One, its all-in-one subscription service that opens up additional storage for free services like Gmail, Drive, and Photos and access to more features.

Sundar Pichai's X Post|Source: X

The major milestone came just a day after the tech giant unveiled Gemini Advanced, the artificial intelligence (AI) assistant backed by its most powerful foundational model, Gemini Ultra. Its subscription plan is being bundled with Google One, and it is said to have contributed to the accelerated growth of Google One subscribers.

The new milestone also highlights Google's efforts to move people away from its free plans, such as discontinuing unlimited Google Drive storage for photos in 2021 and instead persuading users to opt for the paid subscription. Hence, gaining over 100 million subscribers reveals the value proposition of Google One.

It's turning out to be a fantastic year for tech giants as Google also recently hit 100 million subscribers on its YouTube paid subscription (YouTube Premium).