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Glovo to cease operations in Ghana

Glovo, one of the top food delivery companies, has revealed that it is set to shut down operations in Ghana

Prominent Food delivery startup Glovo has decided to end operations in Ghana by 10 May 2024. This operation halt marks a significant withdrawal from the Ghanaian market after investing €3.5 million ($3.7 million) to expand its services over the past two years.

Glovo Ghana

The company reportedly emailed this development to its network of restaurant partners. In emails circulating on social media, Glovo stated that it had decided to shut down its operations due to profitability challenges in the Ghana market.

In the email statement, Glovo mentioned, “While we recognise the potential of the Ghana market, building a stronger position in the market and achieving profitability would require substantial investment over an extended period of time".

Glovo Ghana's email statement

"This is why we have decided to redirect our resources towards the other 23 countries where Glovo operates, enabling us to better serve the millions of customers who use the Glovo app every day” " Glovo added.

Glovo will subsequently focus on consolidating its presence in other African markets such as Nigeria, Côte d’Ivoire, Uganda, Kenya, and Morocco.