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Glo subscribers soon to be barred from calling MTN numbers

Soon, Globacom subscribers will not be able to make calls to MTN lines due to the non-settlement of interconnect charges.

On Monday, January 8, the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) announced the partial disconnection of Globacom (GLO) from MTN due to the telco's non-payment of interconnect charges owed to MTN. Hence, Globacom subscribers will be unable to make calls to MTN lines soon due to the non-settlement of interconnect charges.

Interconnect charges are prices each telco pays for calls terminating on their network. For instance, when a call is initiated from GLO and ends on the MTN network, the sum GLO pays MTN for terminating the call is termed interconnect charges or rates.

NCC Building|Source: Ripples Nigeria

The Nigerian Communications Commission granted partial approval for the disconnection of Globacom from MTN Nigeria Communications Plc.

The commission said, "Globacom was notified of the application made by MTN and was given the opportunity to comment and state its case. Having examined the application and circumstances surrounding the indebtedness, the commission determined that Globacom does not have sufficient or justifiable reason for non-payment of the interconnect charges."

The Nigerian Communications Commission disclosed that at the expiration of 10 days from this notice, "subscribers of Globacom will no longer be able to make calls to MTN but will be able to receive calls".

Under this partial disconnection, Globacom subscribers will only be able to receive calls from MTN users, not initiate them. All other network functionalities, including outgoing calls to other networks and data services, will remain operational for Globacom customers.