Oluwabankole Falade joins Flutterwave

Flutterwave appoints Oluwabankole Falade as its Chief Regulatory and Government Relations Officer.

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Flutterwave has appointed Oluwabankole Falade as its Chief Regulatory and Government Relations Officer.

Falade comes with a wealth of experience, with a previous stint at IHS Towers, MTN, and Visa. Falade current role at Flutterwave is similar to the role he played at IHS Towers. This Nigerian company owns 29,700 telecom towers across nine countries in Latin America, the Middle East and Sub Saharan Africa.

"Falade’s role will be to provide “strategic oversight and government relation strategies, while ensuring that the interest and needs of the business are aligned with that of the regulators.” Flutterwave

Before IHS, he spent 10 years at MTN in various government and regulatory advisory roles, and four years representing VISA in conversations with West African regulators.

"He is well placed to strengthen our existing relationships as well as support us create new relationships.” Flutterwave’s CEO, Olugbenga Agboola.

Flutterwave has presence in over 33 countries. That spread commands a regulatory burden similar to what multinational financial services companies and telecommunications networks have to contend with. It may have figured in their selection process for a regulatory lead, choosing someone with experience spanning these sectors.

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