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A Fintech Year: Our Top 3 Apps of 2023 and why we loved them

Fintech tools we loved 2023

2023 was quite a ride for the fintech space. From trying to weather the storms of the Naira scarcity, to navigating the funding freeze and an interesting market, 2023 was the year that tested the resilience of the industry. Through the ups and downs, some tools made life exceptionally easy for Nigerians and this is our roundup of those tools


Arguably the favourite of every young person and others that are not so young. Piggybank helps you save effectively and rewards you for doing so. With up to 10% interests per annum, points that can be converted to cash, and other amazing features, Piggyvest is THAT app.

Come 2024, we’re looking forward to seeing more remarkable features like an AI financial advisor from Piggyvest.


Like many Nigerians, we started using Pay during the cash crunch of February-April’23. Opay’s fast transaction speed and high transaction success rate keeps it at a top position for Nigerians. The ease and simplicity of transactions including the *free transfer makes it a go-to app for us.

For 2024, we’d like to see Opay leverage their model and USSD option to deepen financial inclusion in the informal sector, by banking the unbanked, ensuring that no one is left behind. We'd also love to see a more secure application


Still another product of Piggytech, the parent company of Piggyvest, Pocketapp was another app that saved many lives during the cash crunch. Beyond its simplicity and fast transaction speed, Pocket app is a great app to manage your spending. What’s best,? As a social commerce app, it is a cool place to do business and you get to have a free bank account in your brand’’s name. Finally, you get to enjoy it more if you’re using other PiggyTech products.

In 2024, we’d love to see more people use Pocketapp.

What we’ve seen over time is that just like in any other sector people like tools that are, easy, functional and rewarding, extra points if they are free or relatively so. These are the features that makes these tools our top 3 for 2023.

Which were yours?